The 4-Step Process to Create your Dream Business Vision

Having a CLEAR VISION for the future of your business is vital for long-term success but creating one can be both difficult and overwhelming. In my 4-week online training course I am going to walk you through my 4-step process of how YOU can create a DREAM VISION for your business.

I will give you STEP BY STEP instructions, worksheets and feedback. After the 4-week training you will have a clear long-term vision of where you want YOUR BUSINESS to go. A clear idea of the FUTURE SUCCESS of your business, which will enable you to take the RIGHT STEPS forward.

This webinar series is ONLY for business owners and managers who are passionate about driving long term success for their business. The webinar is equally applicable for those who are launching a new business and those who already have an established business.

“Great course that I recommend for all businesses”.


“This course will help you to create your business vision step by step, you will find great work sheets and very helpful videos”.


“This is a great start to help you get your business idea from paper to reality”.


This is a rich course. It is offers insights into the most fundamental knowledge that any person needs to master in order to develop his/her business. One of the important pillars that this course is built upon is the personal passion that usually one tends to forget or sacrifice in the midst of all the challenges that our business is surrounded with. This course can be a birth of ones new business, or a rebirth of ones already established business. It is a new beginning, from a new perspective.


“Edda is fast and straight saying things and you will love it. Examples are from famous companies and it gives a wide picture how YOU can use your mission and vision in your business”.


“This course will guide you step-by-step through, and help you focus on, making a long-term vision for your company. And realize your current goals and mission. You will lay the foundations of a business strategy that will keep you motivated and guided in all kinds of weather for your business”.


“Take if you want to run a real business”